The Struggle Is Real, But There Is Joy in My Life

This past week has literally been one of the busiest in my college life. Papers, exams, group projects, presentations, and extra “do some research about this for tomorrow” homework flooded my life during the entire week… Now that week is gone, and a new one is just starting. I can breathe a little bit, and … More The Struggle Is Real, But There Is Joy in My Life

The Past is Here

We human beings have a tendency to live in the moment, only caring about our present satisfaction and happiness, focusing on the smallest of the units in the time-space spectrum: our own lives. By doing this, we also choose to ignore the broader picture in the world, to forget that before us there were important … More The Past is Here

A World that Shrinks

8715.6 Kilometers… That is the distance that separates me from my home, El Salvador. It is incredible how the globeĀ seems to constantly shrink, thanks to the development of telecommunications and transportation, two aspects of theĀ globalized world in which we live. At the end of the fifteenth century, it took Christopher Columbus more than two months … More A World that Shrinks